A comeback for rail?

"From Roundhouse"
Yaletown, Vancouver 4/29/12 (PH)

We’re told that Canada is “cloaked in abandoned rail.”
Reports indicate “almost every Canadian community is home to at least a few kilometers of abandoned or neglected rail line — that is, if it has not already been ripped up to make way for cycling trails” (or townhomes, as in the photo at right).
This story in the weekend National Post tells of many of these neglected rail lines suddenly attracting new interest.  “Austere government, coupled with high fuel prices, are the windfall they have been waiting for.  ‘The times are not so bullish anymore,’ said Bruce Burroughs, a vice president with the Railway Association of Canada.  ‘Government are not so flush with money that they can afford to slap down asphalt and suck traffic off the rail system.'”
Is it possible that railways could once again be the ties that bind?

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