If You Go Into the Woods Today…

You’re sure to be surprised… to see West Coast rain forests coming alive in colorful spring shades of green.

We’re attracted to an awareness that fragile eco systems of some of our old coastal rain forests are being preserved.  Responsible forestry operations are acknowledging the value of protecting park areas to enhance quality of life.  This wider recognition of West Coast forests as a diverse resource is part of responsible forest management that goes well beyond appreciation of our woodlands as a renewable resource in the context of today’s lumber industry.

Carmanah Valley offers up sterling examples of some of the old Sitka Spruce giants still dominating in coastal forests.

These images were taken on a visit to Carmanah Valley with my brother a couple of years ago.

“A harmony presides here that is, in some mysterious way, timeless by nature, symphonic in scope, and generous beyond measure.”          Joseph Graf

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