Many new products have emerged from the MPB-killed forest, no doubt inspired by the pioneers of fashionable Denim Pine, circa 2002 (“the wood that nature colors!”).  The latest?  A one-of-a-kind, blue-stained, beetle-killed pine case for your mobile Apple device.  The Bad Beetle brand features a graffiti-style logo of the beetle, complete with a pair of devil’s horns on its head.  Despite harderblog’s best efforts, Bad Beetle could not be reached for comment today – perhaps too busy taking pre-orders.   At their website here however, the company offers that “when these naughty nemeses invade trees, they create a beautiful, silvery blue stain.  For the tree, it’s curtains.  But for you, it’s a snazzy, insanely eco-friendly Bad Beetle accessory.”

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