The Timber Supply Committee tour is underway; the first in a series of public hearings scheduled through July 12th was held yesterday in Smithers.  An audio recording of this and all future meetings available here.  Smithers Mayor Taylor Bachrach can be heard early in the recording humoring the crowd with an analogy which could prove prophetic: “I was thinking of analogies last night and it reminded me of when I’m working late at night and there is a piece of cake in the fridge that I promised my wife that I would save for my kids school lunches and it’s a certain size piece of cake and as the clock goes on I start thinking about whether they would notice if I took just a little bit of that piece of cake so I take a little bit and it looks the same size as it was before and another hour goes by and I am reading some more transcripts and I open the fridge door and take another piece of cake and often by morning that piece is looking pretty small.”

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