“Avatar Grove”

“Pink ribbons knotted to tree branches at the side of a gravel logging road mark the entry to an amazing earthly experience, something so different from anything most people have experienced it might be on another world.”

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A 50-hectare piece of untouched old-growth forest, 110 kms northwest of Victoria

2 thoughts on ““Avatar Grove”

  1. Interesting article and good for these folks for trying to ensure the future of this old growth. However, couldn’t they have found a different colour for their ribbons. Pink is so tightly associated with women’s cancer (primarily breast cancer) that it seems to trivialize that cause with the use of pink for this cause. If it is truly something out of Avatar, maybe they should be blue ribbons?


  2. Appreciate your writing Roy. Pink ribbons indeed symbolize breast cancer awareness. And since blue ribbons symbolize prostate and colon cancer awareness, perhaps orange ribbons might be better suited for trail markers? But let’s face it; no matter the colour, if ribbons intended to mark a trailhead inadvertently heighten cancer awareness, it sounds like a good problem – and illustrates how powerful these colours can be in that process.


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