China Effect?

I read with interest an October 8th post at here. In stark contrast to Q2’s “earnings beat parade”, it’s reported that at least one stock analyst expects lumber company earnings to underwhelm in Q3. Pointing to the resistance evident in China to current prices, we’re told that lumber supply could be backing up in North America. The […]


In the face of all the cautionary headlines surrounding a slowing Chinese economy in recent weeks, there’s certainly been some major upticks in China’s forest products imports. According to a fresh report this week from Mark Kennedy, CIBC Forest Products Analyst, China imported 2.200 million m3 lumber last month, up a whopping 28.7% compared to July 2012 […]

China RE

“Right now we have a standoff between homebuyers, developers and the government and everyone is taking a wait-and-see attitude,” Du Jinsong, a real estate analyst at Credit Suisse, said. “This could be very dangerous because if developers all wait until the very last minute to offer discounts the downside for the whole market will be […]

Hebei, China

Hebei is one of the first to start using B.C. lumber to manufacture its own wood products for building and housing construction. Three truss plants have opened around Hebei in the past five months, including one in Shijiazhuang that can produce trusses for 400 apartment buildings per year. Story  

China’s Coming Collapse?

“For all the talk of China’s economic might, skeptics are gathering force. Over the past year, a growing number of analysts and investors have argued all is not as it appears in the Middle Kingdom. What they see instead is a government desperately priming the pump to maintain an illusion of prosperity.” Read the full […]

Year-end Answers

As we approach year-end, you’ll recall 19 questions for 2019 we posed one year ago at Harderblog: 1. Will the railways be better prepared for winter weather conditions? If lumber prices are any gauge, yes. In 2018, extreme cold temperatures in Q1 severely reduced rail capacity, driving lumber prices to all-time highs in Q2, 2018. […]