Rob Chimko

The untimely death from heart attack of my boss Rob Chimko has been a bitter pill for me and many others to swallow. Lumber marketing workshops or training manuals don’t offer words of guidance for comfort to family or friends in times of loss of a loved one. Nevertheless, I’m so grateful for Rob’s mentoring that afforded personal opportunities he nurtured within the dynamic and supportive Dakeryn Industries team environment.

An in-depth interview published in Business Focus Magazine at the height of the pandemic a couple years ago expands on Rob’s “résumé virtues” that have shaped Dakeryn Industries’ success. It’s been my privilege to be a part of what Rob described as a “nimble and adaptable” company approach as key to successfully weathering turbulent times. In Rob’s words: “Our business is constantly shifting and evolving in tandem with market conditions. We navigate a housing crisis in much the same way that we navigate the introduction of duties. We refocus our attention from challenges to opportunities.” The opportunities pursued, as spelled out in some detail in the magazine piece, are for reviewing on another day.

As we reflect today on the Rob we knew, his trading floor desk next to mine for many of the past 13 years sits agonizingly empty. It’s into that vacuum that thoughts of Rob’s passing search for words of relevance.

As president of Dakeryn Industries, Rob epitomized the leadership style explicated by author, world-renowned expert on performance, Steve Magness. In simplified terms, that leadership guide says: “Hire good people. Give them the tools to succeed. Provide them the security to take calculated risks. Get out of their way. Let go of over controlling. Support, don’t thwart. Cultivate intrinsic motivation. Trust them to do their job.”

In a New York Times piece, columnist David Brooks described what he referenced as the difference between our “résumé virtues” and our “eulogy virtues”. He said the résumé virtues are the ones we put on our résumé, which are the skills we bring to the marketplace. The eulogy virtues are the ones that get mentioned in the eulogy, which are deeper; defining who we are, reaffirming the nature of our relationships — are we bold, loving.

Rob’s successful leadership embedded strengths of personal character and integrity that effectively and uniquely encompassed virtues of Brooks’ self-described résumé and eulogy virtues. The ‘cool’ with which Rob successfully managed market volatility inspired confidence in experienced and junior staff alike. His résumé virtues savour accomplishments — speak to the strong relationships he enjoyed among a legion of industry friends. It reaffirms the careful planning Rob initiated along with senior partners to ensure a strong team is in place for Dakeryn’s continued success. His eulogy virtues savour inner consistency and strength – underscoring the humble, enduring spirit qualities of Rob the man — husband to Liz, father to Lauren, Kaitlyn, and Zac, friend and mentor whom we all loved and will miss deeply.

One thought on “Rob Chimko

  1. So good Paul

    This is an amazing and accurate piece on Rob. You captured him the way we all knew him.

    Many thanks for writing.


    Chris Sainas
    Dakeryn Industries
    604-202-5686 cell
    604-986-0323 office


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