Ringing the Bells

The ringing of bells at this time of year signals news on different fronts – as in heralding the Advent Season – or, marking the close of another trading day. Both bring news and welcome respite.

In recent months we’ve probably all felt like midwives to an age that’s giving birth to the post-industrial society. In experiencing the tightening grip of hands, there is a sense that someone should be calling for a doctor in the house.

We are mindful that in reporting on this atmosphere we are helping to shape it. Although acknowledging risks peculiar to the time, there is a sense of opportunity and responsibility to share in a vision for the future. It includes looking beyond early vibrations of the historic free trade agreement with the US. That picture anticipates greater stability in the 90’s – where some economic units will learn to survive without growth at the same time as others seek economies of scale cost advantages through consolidation. It suggests our function will expand to interpreting forces beyond supply and demand. Attitudes will reflect sensitivity to shaping quality of life for future generations. Already a new awareness of the fragile nature of international interdependence is evident amid the unpredictability of financial markets and lumber markets globally.

Into this reality the essence of Christmas comes with timeliness this year. It seeks the good in humanity while promising hope and restoration for the soul. It celebrates childhood joys and speaks of innocence that would believe in “Peace on earth and Goodwill to all”.

– Ernie Harder, Dec. 1987



Vancouver (Dec. 9, 2016)

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