Dads’ Day Afterglow..

In the scheme of recent events, Father’s Day did not make headline news. Even so, a weekend item in USA Today about a Dad posting pics of him ‘babysitting’ his daughter’s doll caught our eye. Hilarious!

At the same time, a New York Times weekend Editorial Observer considers a certain sadness that comes with the sudden realization Dad’s toddler daughter has outgrown the need for help falling asleep at bedtime.

For this woodtrader Dad, absorbing a week’s worth of Mexican water splashings of two swimmingly active young daughters on San Jose del Cabo sun-drenched beaches spelled memorable time and special joy that even heady lumber markets rarely offer.

With my Dad, Lauren, Evie (12 June 2016)

With my Dad, Lauren, Evie (12 June 2016)

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