Wall of Wood

“Leave us Canucks out of it!” a lumber trader was heard to say. The donnybrook that was last evening’s Republican Debate is “none of our business” another one offered. But then again, a wall, you say? Hmm. A wall of wood? Now you’re talkin’. No problem. We can add a shift. And, with the help of our new prime minister, ‘Justin Time’ delivery. Some of it’s within a stone’s throw of the 49th as we speak. Get it done before Super Tuesday, maybe. We got special fencing, pattern stock, boards, timbers, short lengths, long lengths, finger-joined lumber. Spruce-Pine-Fir? What’s that you say? “Canada’s not our biggest problem”. “And if we build it they might not come,” countered Disney’s travel agent. Aw shucks, a lost opportunity? One lumber trader wondered. It’s not the first time we’ve contemplated impact of a wall of wood at the U.S. Canadian border.

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