2016 BCWLA Smoker

Vishva Ramlal, Deputy Director, Softwood Lumber Division, Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, was the distinguished speaker at the 15th Annual B.C. Wholesale Lumber Association Smoker yesterday afternoon, downtown Vancouver. Having led a team of officers in the implementation and management of the 2006 SLA, Ramlal is responsible for all consultations with provinces, territories, and industry with eye to possible negotiations regarding future softwood lumber trade with the United States. It was an informal talk touching mostly on a diverse array of Ramlal’s experiences in the public, private, and non-governmental sectors.


2 thoughts on “2016 BCWLA Smoker

  1. He confirmed as reported in the MSM that both sides are talking, but gave no indication as to probability nevermind what a future SLA might look like.

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