I said to the man at the Gate of the Year,
“Help us to see beyond clouds that lurk here.”
He looked at me, then declared with a smile:
“Be still as the snowflakes and listen awhile —
The heart has its seasons created in time,
That beats with a rhythm steady as rhyme.
Spiritual gifts are tools — reassuring
In times of uncertainty — a secure mooring.”
He claimed constructing a house of the Spirit
Holds out a promise for everyone in it —
Directions in building, shape parts of the journey —
Distance to goals that time cannot hurry.
A seasonal invitation to pause;
To wonder, imagine, — it’s Santa Claus!
Not about lumber supplies, or their cost;
Market share gained, nor market share lost.
Find tools of hope that cast away fear;
Retrieve a faith placed in storage last year.
Believe again those powers in truth;
Speak of a beauty lasting past youth.
Re-cycle happiness from memory banks;
Brush away dust from a drawer labeled ‘Thanks!’
Simplify needs, experience joys;
Laugh with the kids, relax with their toys.
Make time for worlds that build from within,
Dream of White Christmas — sing it with Bing!
Reaffirm goodness in others; risk caring.
Let the heart lead in loving, in sharing.
Savor old friendships; investigate new —
Call up an uncle or aunt you once knew.
The wise man said: “All of these signposts so clear –
Point to success on the road to next year.”
I searched his eyes; then asked “How far?”
He merely smiled and said:
“Follow the Star.”

– Ernie Harder, Dec. 2001


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