Howler Monkeys and Loud-voiced Traders

We’ve long been aware that phone voice matters. According to this article at by Tony Parinella, it’s suggested that if we are selling to seemores for any length of time, the odds are very good that we’re also in the habit of holding back vocally, so as not to come on too strong and appear “too sales-y”.

Seemore buyers are described as low-level, analytically-focused buyers who always want to “see more”. Accordingly, we’re told that chances are that over time a sales pitch to seemore buyers is delivered without any emotion. Parinella states: “This may or may not be a good strategy for selling to seemores. My personal feeling is that it can be entertaining to shake seemores up once in a while. Regardless, I can guarantee you that this vocal approach is a lousy way to sell to VITOs (Very Important Top Officers). As a general but extremely reliable rule, VITOs love to emote and they love to use their voices to do so. What’s more, they tend to respect – and buy from – people who use their voices to emote. They tend to distrust, or at least avoid, spending any time with tentative speakers.”

But now also comes word from a recent study in which it’s been learned that monkeys with the loudest, deepest growls have the smallest testes. While emotional voicings have been determined to be a predictor of size of testicles in howler monkeys, to our knowledge there are no studies to date that suggest parallels might hold true for sales personnel – even lumber traders.

howler monkey

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