Sunny Ways

Local reports of the Liberals’ federal election win capturing attention in world media reports have been confirmed by my dad in his email from Istanbul today:

Today we had about walked off our feet long before noon and with drizzly overcast skies in Istanbul this day spent most of it surfing the myriad TV channels. Surprised to find significant prominence given to Trudeau and the Liberal election win. There must be at least a dozen English all-news channels ala CNN International including English news channels of Russia, China, BBC News 1 and 2, Turkey, Dubai, couple of European-based all-news. We watched several panel discussion programs including a half hour one on Al Jazeera – all to do with Canadian election that surprised us by amount of air time and overwhelming optimistic outlook/expectations held out for how most perceived Canada’s role on the world stage to change. The hard copy of The New York Times international edition here this morning had prominent front page story under headline “Liberals’ win promises to alter tenor in Canada”. The secondary headline reads: “Offering ‘sunny ways’ Trudeau prepares major changes on policy front”. The article says “Mr. Trudeau promised to put an end to Mr. Harper’s often belligerent style of politics and diplomacy”.


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