Tough Gig

Even softwood-hardened Dakeryn traders used to volatility of lumber markets found the ups and downs of Chambers Bay golf course over the weekend a challenge – and we were only watching! Poor souls us, left to refuel at our beachfront headquarters in gorgeous Gig Harbor each evening. Thanks again to Dillon, Brittney, and Lauren for all their hard work – first class!

Speaking of hard work, I can’t imagine the energies spent by caddies lugging those huge bags over the ten-mile canyoned, slippery and sandy terrain each day.. especially for those who managed to survive the cut. Also can’t imagine the deflated exuberance of the Gretzky-led entourage in the imposing grandstand above the 18th green in anticipation of Dustin Johnson’s would-be U.S. Open championship putt. After his gut-wrenching 3-putt, Johnson looked lonely and starkly exposed as that single fir overlooking the 15th green.

Final Round 6-21-2015

Final Round 6-21-2015

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