Rafters, Roosters, and Roasters

The highly-anticipated 35th Annual B.C. Wholesale Lumber Association Roast honouring 2015 Lumberman of the Year Bill Rafter last night was a resounding success. Shortly after presenting him with an Inukshuk for outstanding service and dedication to the Association, BCWLA President Kent Beveridge turned the evening over to funny-as-ever master roast host Jack Hetherington. Archie Rafter, Ian Shopland, and Rick Fortunaso soon piled on with a rapid-fire collection of stories involving “Junior” which ranged from the hilarious to the mildly disturbing. Despite their hollers for a Nanaimo Chicken Kick, the packed house settled for Bill’s timeless Sinatra, in a flawless verse of The Girl From Ipanema. Bill’s comprehensive rebuttal can only be described as a walk-off home run.

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