Straw Houses

A favourite bedtime story these days for our three and five year-old daughters is The Three Little Pigs. You’ll recall that the first little pig built his house of straw. And you probably recall what happened when the wolf came and he huffed and he puffed and… well.. it was a sad end to the first little pig.

Now we hear that in some places, they’re still resorting to straw for home construction. But nowadays these little porkers are outsmarting the big bad wolf. They’ve found ways to safely use straw by encasing it in good, solid wood to make sure little girls and boys are kept safe from intruding wolves and even fire. Now, if only the second little hog, who used sticks, explored options for sorting and remanufacturing them sticks into appearance grades of dimension lumber – he’d be well protected against any huffing and puffing. All this being said, the pigs would then have no need to consider the third pig’s choice of heavy, costly bricks. And that, dear children, is why daddy goes to the office early each day, to not only bring home the bacon, but also to help grow a better, safer world with reliable shipments of lumber for building homes that are safe from big bad wolves. Now GO TO SLEEP! (and NO, there’s NOTHING in the story suggesting the little pigs inquired about price or affordability).

~Musical Refreshment~

At the risk of putting dear readers to sleep, I played Ave Maria by Schubert yesterday at church. That’s me on tenor sax, accompanied by Christine on piano.

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