More Signs of Spring

It’s generally recognized that distributors have a knack for adapting to unfolding market condition demands. The Framing Lumber Composite Price has fallen $50 this quarter. It’s rumoured that some have adapted to conditions by starting happy hour at noon. I heard someone suggest that the B.C. Wholesale Lumber Association may even consider early voting for next year’s Lumberman of the Beer.

Traders hold their collective breath over yet-to-be-determined/undetermined mill “policy” in view of April’s five per cent export charge. Even so, encouraging signs are beginning to emerge. Sales of newly built single-family homes last month in the U.S. reportedly reached their highest level in seven years. A bullish post today at suggests new home construction is poised to pick up steam. As Mark Kennedy at CIBC reminded me this morning, “patience grasshopper”.

On the heels of blooming cherry blossoms in these parts comes news of Toronto Garden Club ladies exhibiting bikinis made from flowers and foliage. Surely signs that spring is in the air.

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