NAWLA Vancouver – Speaker Profile

Peter Woodbridge is a professional economist. He has worked in the forest industry worldwide for the past forty years – in management and as head of the consulting firm Woodbridge Associates Inc. The firm has a global presence and counts boards of directors and senior managements of many of the world’s largest forest product companies among its clients. In the process, Peter has gained invaluable strategic insights into wood products, pulp and paper markets supply, demand and pricing. In full disclosure for his presentation at next week’s NAWLA Vancouver Regional Meeting, Peter tells us that – after all this time – he is no better able today to predict the price of lumber than when he first started out. 🙂
I was fortunate to be in a jam-packed hall for Peter’s presentation at the 2013 COFI Convention in Prince George. In the face of all the lumber super cycle chatter at that convention, I recall Peter’s more tempered outlook really registered. It’s interesting to revisit my review of that panel session here.

Peter will be joined next Thursday by Kim Marshall, VP Marketing Wood Products with Woodbridge Associates. Kim is perhaps best known to our audience from his years of experience at Balfour Guthrie (Canada) – of which he was President, in the years prior to its sale to Canfor. Kim was one of the founding members of Balfour’s overseas trading division – and has spent many years stomping around log piles, lumber yards, sawmills, buyers’ offices, rail yards and break bulk vessels in Japan, China and various remote parts of Asia, Europe, MENA markets and North America. In the past fifteen years, Kim has been senior advisor on wood product markets, supply chain and strategic investments to forest product companies and financial institutions.

US Housing: Texas, the South and West’  For 20 minutes, this may be the most useful focus for attendees at the Vancouver Regional. We will look at demand, supply, foreign exchange impacts and prices – with brief comments on global/macro supply and demand impacts on these U.S. regions (i.e. China and Japan demand; Russian supply; EU supply diverted from MENA  and the log trade). In other words, imagine you were a lumber buyer serving Texas/South/West looking at regional demand – with an eye on global supply and prices 2015 to 2017.”
– Peter Woodbridge, Woodbridge Associates Inc.

NAWLA Vancouver Regional Meeting
3:30 pm Thursday, April 2nd
The Vancouver Club
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