Lumber Market a la mode

This delectable dish in season with sawmills, wholesale distributors and retailers. Begin with truckloads of higher prices in generous mix of most lumber items. Fold in haunting memories of last spring. Add double portion of confusion over foreign exchange rates, export tax triggers, and impending trade dispute. Drain off some of the early Happy New Year optimism. Stir in tons of snow. Mix with regional freezing rain. Let stiffen up in sub-zero weekend temperatures. Wait a few days to allow general market paralysis to jell. Watch nervously as reports of lean inventories resurface. Agitate over surplus items that still simmer on your own shelf. Keep one eye on offshore markets finding new, lower levels. Stir in rumours to suit taste. Whip up with liberal trainloads of fear of plummeting prices. Dry the whole mix. Add teaspoon of sunshine. Bring to boil with pinch of demand. Wait 15 minutes as prices heat up. Guard against getting burned (“The plates may be hot”). Enough ‘schmeck’ here for a whole distribution system. Serve with any wine – lots. Enjoy!

– Ernie Harder

Beware of Log

5 thoughts on “Lumber Market a la mode

  1. okay, you’ve outdone yourself this time. very creative. The apple doesn’t fall far the the TREE.. you’re a wood CHIP “off the the old block”. You don’t need to SPRUCE up your thoughts, they’re Fir enough out there for all off us.I, like many other’s will PINE for the day of old. You’ve certainly added a whole new DIMENSION to the discussion with your DRY sense of humour. I’m GREEN with envy. I could go on forever, but then I’d be BARKING up the wrong tree.


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