Flogging Blogging

The perils of blogging on things related to the wood business are many. Chief one – guard against dangers of a boring post! Thankfully, being sentenced to 1,000 lashes has not been a  risk – so far. According to a Valentines Day report out of Saudi Arabia, a planned flogging of blogger Raif Badawi has been postponed for a fifth consecutive week. Evidently Amnesty International said through Twitter that Badawi has been spared lashes for unknown reasons. Meanwhile, he’s serving 10 years in prison, along with the sentence of 1,000 lashes for blog posts criticizing the government. When he was sentenced in 2012, his wife and children fled Saudi Arabia and later settled in Sherbrooke, Quebec. Prime Minister Stephen Harper has spoken out against the flogging. Nice to know that the Prime Minister established that precedent. It’s assumed he’d come to the defence of any bloggers in these parts who might come under threat of flogging for railing against winter snows and unpredictable markets.

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