It’s the time of year for predictions. Almost everyone’s got a few. Around here, there’s really only one. We’ll be working hard this year!
And, leave the rest of the forecasts to experts. Even so, it’s fun to read what some of them predict – especially the positive economic predictions for areas involving the lumber business.

Who wouldn’t enjoy the CNBC report suggesting general outlook hints 2015 market forecast looks too good to be true. As usual there are forecasts involving the Pope and Putin. Plenty of predictions for sports winners, albeit few foresee the Vancouver Canucks winning the Stanley Cup this year.

The astrology predictions as usual include more about “meteorites heading our way” in 2015. Here’s hoping they don’t interfere with our on-time delivery commitments. The astrologers tell us there will be a huge leap in human consciousness this year. Lumber production in B.C. meanwhile, not so much. Several predict that Prince Harry will get engaged. One predicts that there will be more volcanic eruptions in Japan and Hawaii in 2015. Astrologers all agree that the best predictions are formed in dreams.

With all that expertise as background, I’m heading to Maui for the next couple of weeks to do a little dreamin’ on the beach and maybe check out the time frame for fresh volcanic ash on Haleakala.

Happy New Year!

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Haleakala (Photo Credit:

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