Seasonal Security

The question, Virginia, is not whether or not there really is a Santa Claus.
Rather, is that much anticipated visitor really Saint Nick?
Security looms newly big in Santa’s lexicon.
These days no one navigates once friendly skies without clearing security
Not even reindeer!
But who is checking the passport, the ID of S. Clause & Company?
Are added crews of elves clearing parcels through X-rays, metal detectors?
Questions abound.
What truly causes Rudolph’s nose to glow?
Is that accentuated tummy fake?
Does the white bushy beard merely mask a motive sinister?
Do fireplace screens afford adequate screening against ersatz Santas?
Not to worry, Virginia.
In the heart that loves –
That feels loved –
A security system is effectively at work
Identifying the real thing.
We are not alone in searching out a Santa FOHC (Full of Heart Centre).
The Season brings its own promise of security.
Long before wars on terrorism, angels reassured even shepherds
“Fear not”
In the Silent Night – in the calm – there is illumination
That inclines the heart to reveal the true Spirit of Love.
It’s not so much a screening light as it is a leading light.
Seemingly distant, it leads still.
A Star is like that.

– Ernie Harder, Dec. 2002

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