Forest Industry Stereotype?

Some may contend that the latest YouTube portrayal unveiled by Canfor to dispel what they claim to be stereotypical view of forest industry people misses the mark. Feedback we’re hearing with respect to the message is a perceived focus that “there’s a common stereotype that people in the forest industry are just lumberjacks with big beards and flannel shirts” is barking up the wrong tree. It’s suggested the glossy presentation’s emphasis on outdated stereotypical characterization does little to dispel the so-called stereotype.
What do you make of Jacked About Lumber?

4 thoughts on “Forest Industry Stereotype?

  1. First, it’s great to see the industry actively recruiting forest professionals. Historically our universities and colleges have graduated more than were needed at any point in time.

    Canfor could attract more junior foresters and forest technicians if it gave them full time positions instead of 10 month contracts. Other major forest companies offer full time employment. And, anyone with the skill set to work in forestry can make a lot more money for easier work in oil & gas and mining, which makes it tough to recruit in forestry. Forest companies offer more stability, and “home every night” unlike the patch.

    A poll of our household had 3 out of 3 respondents labelling Canfor’s campaign “ridiculous.”


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