12 Minutes

IMG_0689On my daily commute to work, time seemingly stands still each morning – for 12 minutes. That’s how long it takes for the SeaBus to cross Burrard Inlet, linking downtown Vancouver with the North Shore. When the sun glitters off the rippling ocean, the panoramic views while aboard this passenger-only ferry never get old.. from the splashy cruise ships at Canada Place, to Stanley Park, the Lions Gate Bridge, North Shore Mountains, Lonsdale Quay and the Burrard Dry Dock Pier, to the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge, Indian Arm, and the big cargo ships anchored near Canada’s largest port.

Could it be that this unique commute has value-added benefits? The results of a recent study involving 18,000 commuters would suggest so, reports The Washington Post here. “The longer people spend commuting in cars, the worse their psychological well-being,” concluded the study, which cites a number of positive effects for commuters who don’t drive, including improved concentration at work. And while walking and cycling were found to be most beneficial, public transit offered similar benefits over driving a car. “You might think that things like disruption to services or crowds of commuters might have been a cause of considerable stress,” said one researcher. “But buses or trains give people time to relax, read, socialize, and there is usually an associated walk to the bus stop or railway station; it appears to cheer people up.” Especially lumber traders.


from the North Shore – SeaBus approaches Vancouver skyline

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