Comes to distribution. “Think of it as a triathlon,” writes ProSales Magazine editor-in-chief Craig Webb. That’s how he characterizes life in the rapidly changing world of lumber and building materials (LBM) distribution since the U.S. housing market crash. Like a triathlete, LBM companies who survived the deep frigid waters have emerged on dry land, only to “climb onto a bicycle and continue the race in a new way”. Success will “hinge on how good your bicycle is,” suggests Webb, before confirming that the bicycle is data. Webb goes on to reveal how some LBM leaders are utilizing information to pull away from the pack. It’s a good read for dealers and distributors alike.
See: Embracing Big Data Benefits Your Business – and Your Customers.

“We still are an industry that’s dealing with technology. We should be dealing with information.”
– Jim Enter, LBM Consultant

“Freight is still the fattest rabbit we’ve got – it’s 4% to 16% of sales.”
– Leonard Safrit, Safrit’s Building Supply

“The No. 1 technology innovation that ProSales 100 dealers plan to invest in this year is mobile applications.”
– Craig Webb, ProSales Magazine

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