Clear Cutting

Our understanding of clear cutting might have taken on expanded definitions with the kind of technology displayed in this video. It’s evidence of cutting edge offering almost limitless possibilities in efficient backyard clean-up or extreme hedge trimming. Some might suggest its reach could extend over neighbourhood fences, if necessary, to chip away view-blocking trees. (HT: KT)

3 thoughts on “Clear Cutting

  1. You should include an explanation of why you are chipping instead of logging which is the highest and best use. That way maybe you keep some of the enviros off your back…if you care that is.



  2. Thanks JLK, you make a great point. Upon receiving your comment, I was able to contact the knowledgeable owner of the excavator mulcher shown in the video, to learn more. I hope to post the significant info gleaned at the blog later today.

    Appreciate your taking the time to comment,



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