The Road Less Traveled

The B.C. Automobile Association (BCAA) is giving us a glimpse of the worst roads in the province. See: BCCA Unveils 2014 Top 10 Worst Roads List.

So far none of the logging roads that comprise the maze of transportation into B.C.’s woods have made the top ten worst roads, we notice. Understandably, the reasons many roads make the list involve concerns like traffic jams, potholes and poor design. Truckers who year ‘round pick up and deliver lumber from sawmills across the province might be best qualified to make judgement on our roads, but it’s summertime travel for the rest of us that surely makes us experts on the subject. At the same time, hazy summer days encourage poetic thinking about roads more in tune with the thoughts of poet Robert Frost on those not taken. It draws the kind of perspectives that summertime, by its very nature, encourages.


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