The reality of globalization in forestry-related industry and trade is exemplified in a reconstruction project involving Canada and Japan.

The Canada-Tohuku Reconstruction Project is a $4.6 million partnership between Canada Wood and the B.C. and Canadian governments. Industry’s response to the devastating earthquake and tsunami of 2011, this Canadian initiative is now nearing the completion of four critical public facilities along Japan’s eastern seaboard. The Vancouver Sun reports today here on the Oranda Jima House, a community centre in a small fishing town, built with timber donated from B.C. We’re told virtually all of B.C.’s Interior and coastal commercial wood species are represented in the structure, which includes playrooms, a soundproof music room, a tatami room for quiet time and counselling, a kitchen, and a playground.

The 2,088-square-foot centre (see photo gallery here) follows earlier construction of a new library and public market. The reporter confirms the final project slated within the Canada-Tohuku partnership, the Jericho Support centre for the Disabled, will be finished by next January in Iwaki City.

Learn more about the Canada-Tohuku Reconstruction Project at the following excellent video, which features images of the impressive Donguri Ann Library and Yuriage Public Market.

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