As Big as the Beetle?

According to RBC Capital Markets, a Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) ruling on aboriginal land title in B.C. may end up having as severe an impact on fibre supply as the mountain pine beetle (MPB). In this morning’s Province here, analyst Paul Quinn warns the impact of the SCC ruling could eventually equal the estimated 710 million cubic metres of commercially valuable pine wiped out by the MPB epidemic. Quinn advises that while 94% of land in B.C. is currently classified as provincial Crown land, aboriginal title will eventually likely make up the majority. He believes the larger forest companies are most at risk, “since they have long-established tenure rights and, therefore, have required fewer First Nation partnerships to secure timber supply.”

That warning would seem to stand in stark contrast to this opinion piece in The Financial Post, which declares that “resource companies are winners too” in the SCC ruling. According to Lawrence Solomon of the Urban Renaissance Institute, resource companies will “soon be able to powwow with clear owners of the land, rather than endlessly hold ‘meaningful consultations’ with the myriad stakeholders demanding says in developments.”

“The lesson for environmentalists should also be clear. Natives do not share their vision of Canada’s north as a vast theme park, set aside as a picturesque habitat for moose, bear, caribou and Indians for the benefit of white men on eco-tours. Natives desire development on their own terms and will use their land as they see fit. Courtesy of the Supreme Court decision, that development will now come sooner than later.”
– Lawrence Solomon, Urban Renaissance Institute

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