Logs and Blogs

Log exports have long stirred more controversy in B.C. than blog exports. For one thing, there are more regulations imposed on log exports than blog exports in this province. It’s mostly readers who determine acceptable blog reporting in this space.

In today’s Vancouver Sun, an associate professor of economics at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops argues that many of the rules surrounding log exports impose needless costs on producers and owners. He points to a new study on log export policy for B.C. which concludes that a combination of free trade in logs and the export quota policy now in place yields much larger benefits to B.C. than an outright ban on log exports. In fact, “streamlining the export process, while continuing to restrict exports, will ensure B.C. gains the most value from its forestry resources,” we’re told.

According to the professor, “free trade in logs is a more desirable policy when a global perspective is incorporated.”  In the face of China’s fibre deficit no doubt, he explains that if all log export restrictions were removed as part of an Asia-Pacific trade agreement, concessions of a similar size could be leveraged to the benefit of B.C.

“If the B.C. and federal governments are intent on building a healthy and sustainable forest industry in British Columbia, consideration should be given to streamlining the log export process in the short term while looking to free trade in the long term as negotiations further develop.”
– Joel Wood

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