Not Clear Cut

It’s evident in ongoing reporting from stakeholders and all interested observers that the viewpoints regarding future directions for B.C. forest management are not clear cut. Based on this most recent post at the government engagement site, it would indeed, as Jim Snetsinger told me here, be premature to draw any conclusions on what the final recommendations will be. Here’s a sampling of some of the views expressed by stakeholders in the Vancouver Island and Lower Mainland meetings, according to Snetsinger:

  • Some were interested to understand the potential for converting a First Nation’s replaceable volume based forest licence to a TFL
  • Some participants believe this volume-based to area-based conversion discussion should have been premised on how it could assist First Nations as the primary objective
  • Environmental groups were clearly opposed for many of the same reasons that have previously identified such as issues associated with corporate concentration, access to crown land, leaving old growth stands intact to support non-timber values such as water, the need to deal with climate change, the need for a broader forest management discussion – not just the conversion of volume-based to area-based
  • Some forest products producers were tentatively supportive as long as any conversions lead to better forest utilization and did not impede the potential to access low-value fibre for their operations
  • The need to ensure long-term forest stewardship was a resounding theme I heard from many stakeholders.


~All Aboard!~

On my way to the Dakeryn office May 3rd, 2011, I stopped to snap this image – in awe of the magnificent Disney Wonder, at the Port Metro Vancouver Cruise Terminal. This Monday, we’ll make the arduous journey from Yaletown to Waterfront Station – where my wide-eyed two and four-year-old daughters will have their cruise tickets to Alaska punched by Mickey. Note this blogger is scheduled to return just in time to join a far less exciting cast of characters: Roastmaster Jack Hetherington (Skana) and roasters Tom Casey (Welco), Andy McGibbon (West Fraser), and Ernie Harder (Retired), are scheduled to honour Lower Mainland market maestro Bill Barnett (Welco), recipient of the B.C. Wholesale Lumber Association’s prestigious Lumberman of the Year Award. Looking for tickets? Fuhgettaboutit! BCWLA President Chris Sainas (Dakeryn) confirms the 34th Annual BCWLA Roast at the Terminal City Club here in Vancouver June 12th is a sellout. See you there!

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