Where have all the traders gone?

Here at Dakeryn, on these unseasonably warm West Coast days, you’d think they’d all be out sunning on our brand spanking new patio furniture. Seems most are out-of-sight indoors, working the phones. Even so, it got one blogger wondering about whether there are any design tips, beyond new deck chairs, to enhance an already-productive trading floor. Aha! Upon a quick search with Google, these five design tips for generating office productivity popped into full view:

  1. Natural Light – It’s suggested that traders will be “brighter and happier” when they feel connected with the outside world. 
  2. Tidiness – While “clutter can promote creativity in some environments,” we’re told “it’s not always right for an office pushing productivity.”
  3. Comfort & Ergonomics – Calibrating your own work space “for comfort and accessibility” is said to be critical.
  4. Aesthetics – Studies have found that “beautiful spaces” elevate attitude and performance.
  5. Break Out Spaces – “If you work in an open-floor planned office that promotes a collaborative culture, it’s important to have a space where you can get away.. ‘Break out spaces’ can help improve staff morale and employee relationships. Communal areas are beneficial for all departments of a company.”

On a day like today, Dakeryn’s new ‘break out space’ is especially inviting during recess. When’s lunch?

IMG_0465 (2)

Enjoying Dakeryn’s new ‘break out space’ – overlooking downtown Vancouver

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