Lumber Reserves Base

SinoShip News reports today that construction is underway of China’s first ever “lumber reserves base” (war of the woods?). Situated by the Suifen River on the border between China and Russia, the timber base reportedly represents a RMB2bn (US$320 million) investment by the China Forestry Group Corporation (CFGC). We’re told the project will occupy 335,000 square metres of land and will include a timber processing centre, spot trading centre, logistics centre, distribution centre, and a free of heart centre.

The full report here notes “China consumes nearly 500m cubic metres of timber each year, 50% of which are imports. In order to solve the supply shortage, China will choose nine ports including Tianjin, Zhangjiagang, Taicang, Zhangzhou and Shenzhen to deploy an import timber trading network.” Hashtag FibreDeficit?

~Canadian Forest Products Export Markets~

Canadian Exports


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