Creating Demand

There are times when lumber distributors wish they had the concerns associated with Disney’s ‘Frozen’ marketing strategies. “It seems ludicrous,” CBC News tells us here, “but even though the Frozen franchise has made over $1 billion US, Disney likely left money on the table.”

In the report, Steve Kates, an associate professor in the Beedie School of Business at BC’s Simon Fraser University, said that he’s surprised Disney – considered a “quintessential service marketer, right up there with Google and Apple” – made a mistake when it came to ordering enough of the Frozen-themed dresses from its overseas manufacturers. Or did they? Kates suggests that while the shortage is causing consumer frustration, all those empty store shelves are enhancing perceived value. Toys “R” Us spokeswoman Victoria Spada said the chain considers Frozen a “top-trend girls property,” and has scaled up orders for merchandise into the fall to satisfy demand.

And what about all those parents like me, whose daughters have pretty much changed their names to Elsa and Anna? Are we supposed to just Let it Go?
“It’s a good opportunity to teach kids about patience,” advises Kates.

evie 2014

Elsa er Evie.. settles for a Cinderella dress, in January

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