COFI Convention 2014

Next week’s COFI Annual Convention, in Kelowna this year, is coming up fast (April 2-3). The convention is described at the Council of Forest Industries website as “the largest gathering of the forest sector in Western Canada.” It will be a tall order indeed to match the star-studded lineup last year in Prince George, which I reviewed in three parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

While scrolling through the program for Kelowna, I booked my ticket upon seeing this group of panelists in Session #8:

  • Ron Gorman, President & CEO, Gorman Bros. Lumber Ltd.
  • Ted Seraphim, President & CEO, West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd.
  • Anne Giardini – President, Weyerhaeuser Company Ltd.

We’re told the group will engage in an open forum discussion tackling questions presented by the moderator and from the audience. Each will be asked to present their vision on where the industry is going and how they are positioning their companies to meet changing consumer demands and markets. One panelist is to discuss the issue in context of the Asian market, one to discuss it in light of American market considerations, and one to broach the topic from a B.C. viewpoint. It’s suggested that the discussion would include such things as “potential partnerships”. Stakeholders in all levels of the industry including sawmills and wholesale distributors will anticipate hearing what the panelists have to say with respect to “potential partnerships”. No doubt interested participants will be asking questions aimed at discerning their own role, adding value in the industry’s future.

 ~Bulldozers and Bullwhips~

“Bulldozers work because they are incredibly heavy. It’s fine that they’re slow, they’re powerful indeed.
Bullwhips work because they are incredibly fast. The superlight bit of leather at the end of the whip travels faster than the speed of sound, hence the crack.
Organizations often thrive because they have huge mass, they are irresistible forces, going where they are pointed. But they don’t get there quickly. On the other hand, it’s quite possible to make an impact by being fast, light and quite focused.
Important to not confuse which you’re using, though. Trying to make your bulldozer go faster might not work out so well. And you can’t build a road with a bullwhip.”

– Seth Godin, 3-22-14 (HT: @lumbertribe)

Auditorium, Prince George Civic Centre

Auditorium, Prince George Civic Centre

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