Industry Trends

Discussion involving the future of B.C.’s forest industry acknowledges the need for all stakeholders to be engaged in management of our forests. In a recent interview, a couple of industry experts voiced their views on issues critical to the industry’s future prosperity. In answer to one of the questions, COFI Vice President Douglas Routledge cited four keys to B.C.’s forest industry remaining competitive:

  1. Timber supply certainty – “The Mountain Pine Beetle epidemic and the forecasted decline in the Annual Allowable Cut has made this a challenge.”
  2. Market diversification – “Both in terms of the customers we serve around the world, and in terms of the suite of forest products we produce.”
  3. Skilled labour – “We need to be positioned as the industry of choice for skilled workers.”
  4. Transportation infrastructure – “A modern transportation infrastructure that allows us to efficiently serve our customers around the world.”

Full Story (HT: R. Falletta)


“Forest Fascination” – Photo credit: ejh

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