Face to Face

On a little roadtrip outside the office yesterday, I was reminded just how valuable it is to connect with customers face to face. A blog post just today by best-selling author Ekaterina Walter confirms the best social network ever is a table and two chairs. Coming from a social media innovator and self-described “hyper-networker”, that’s saying something.

Walter also points to a study confirming that 90% of word-of-mouth still happens offline. Says Walter: “Relationships is how the deals get done in this world. Reputation and trust is the currency that not only fuels long-term relationships, but the overall success of any venture. It’s what sparks word-of-mouth. It’s what brings opportunities. It’s the only thing that matters in the end. It’s common sense. So step away from the keyboard!” One more thing, according to Walter: never eat lunch at your desk alone.

4 thoughts on “Face to Face

  1. As an inside sales and customer service rep, we rarely get to meet face to face except at trade shows or events held at our facility. For years, most of what we did was done by phone, then by fax and now more and more by e-mail. We often wonder as business seems to get more and more impersonal, if future sales will need to have anyone available to talk to at all.
    My interactions with real people helped me grow even though, at times, it was uncomfortable. I can’t imagine what and who I would be without that.

    Alice (prscopal5)


  2. Hi Alice,

    Thank you for your comment. While most business is transacted by email today, the significance of building relationships still develops in personal contact, e.g. phone, trade shows etc. I always find value in making a sales trip into the sales territory, even though that might only happen once a year. Blogging has helped me make new connections, even leading to some face to face meetings. I look forward to reading PRSCO’s Blog!



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