Lumber Love

So it’s Valentines Day! Tell that to lumber dealers concerned with moving wood to construction sites in the Northeast, where some parts are collecting two to three inches of snow per hour today.

This day even late shipments would be gratefully received ‘full-of-heart-center’. But none are moving. Transportation guys cast wary eyes at the skies over scenes of rail car shortages and icy highways that trap truckers in perilous predicaments. While almost half a million customers in the Northeast are reportedly without power, powered jet engines of U.S. airlines are idling under de-icing machines. So far 75,000 flights are reported to be cancelled in 2014. Yesterday was said to be the worst travel day yet.

Many might be asking: “Where’s the love?” Then suddenly, out of the blue, a mill calls in to ask a wholesale distributor, “Would you be my Valentine”? Not surprisingly, loggers are reporting in with news that even their freshly cut trees in the woods this day are falling…in love!

Happy Valentines Day!

Photos courtesy Chantal at RCP Transit, who reports “This is what our yard looks like in Coaticook, PQ. We got at least 12 to 16 inches through the night and it’s still coming down.”

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