From Log to Blog

It used to be that the familiar story ‘log-to-lumber’ offered up information sufficiently satisfying. No more. So it’s not surprising to note that the simple addition of a “b” has taken wood’s story in a natural progression of things – from ‘log-to-blog’. I recently happened upon a couple of excellent examples of how the narrative has expanded:

  • No fewer than ten different blogs are actively maintained at Weyerhauser’s website. Each features fresh and interesting content. At their “Word on Wood” blog, you can learn here how a new multi-storey, wood-framed condominium is boosting sustainability in Vancouver. Or, you might want to travel back in time to 1922 here, and join eight lumber traders on a train tour of sawmills in the Midwest. The blogger confirms that “the purpose of the expedition was to inform and educate the salesmen about the manufacturing mills and products so they could better serve their customers.” It’s doubtful any of those travelling salesmen anticipated that their scribbled notes along that journey would form the basis of a fascinating blog post over 90 years later.
  • Marketing consultant and self-described “hype-free social media and content strategist” Jay Baer has been building on this theme of ‘engagement’ at his popular blog here. In a recent post, he showcased the new website Coca-Cola Journey. Baer tells us that Coca-Cola concluded that “the corporate website is dead”, before embarking on a new design inspired by the power of storytelling. The result is “a highly engaging destination with content on par with lifestyle and news websites,” says Baer. He adds that “as a leader and innovator, Coca-Cola is again showing what’s possible”.

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