$100,000 Christmas Tree

The Festival of Trees has become a popular fundraiser at Christmastime for local charities in a growing list of cities across North America which includes Vancouver. Generally speaking, sponsors and volunteers provide the means, designers decorate the trees, and the 10-day event rises to a crescendo when generous donors make it all happen at the gala auction.

In Prince George last week, 2013 marked the 20th Annual Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation’s Festival of Trees. Smashing the all-time PG record of $52,500, the winning bid for Finning’s “We Cover Lots of Ground” Tree #3 was a staggering $100,000. Brandt Tractor’s “HEROS” Tree #7 reportedly sold for $75,000, while the winning bid for the Art Knapps & Dunkley Lumber “Winter Dream” Tree #5 was $25,000.

Hey, if a spiced rum fruit cake can go for $1500 at this event, it’s not surprising to also learn here that the Festival of Trees is the major source of fundraising for healthcare in the north. In total, 325 people attended Friday’s gala auction, raising an incredible $425,195. Thanks to Melissa at Spirit of the North Healthcare Foundation for providing the image below.

Finning Tree #3 We Cover Lots of Ground

Finning’s “We Cover Lots of Ground” Tree #3

Knapps Dunkley

Art Knapps & Dunkley Lumber “Winter Dream” Tree #5 – Image courtesy Dunkley Lbr


“The” Spiced Rum Fruit Cake

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