New fibre source?

In breaking news today, The Financial Times is reporting that our Milky Way galaxy contains more than 20 billion Earth-like planets with temperatures that could sustain life, according to the first attempt at a comprehensive survey of habitable planets beyond the solar system.

Kepler 22b (Artist's Concept)

Image Source:

For some, this news is earth-shattering. Consider that in recent times, NASA bravely projected there be a mere handful of planets like earth. But now could it be that far-sighted lumber wholesalers – I mean, really, really far-sighted traders – might be pondering the question as to whether it’s unreasonable to expect some of those planets hold vast horizons of unharvested timber out there awaiting discovery?
If those planets are habitable, perhaps it’s not a stretch. Considering that some have at times described lumber prices as ‘out-of-this-world’, a goal aimed at bringing product itself into line with that characterization seems not too far-fetched. As to the challenges of defining where, in the wholesale function, such operation might appropriately be explored, let’s look at the big picture. For starters, it perhaps comes under the wholesale function that appreciates the dynamic nature of market supply and demand, acknowledges change, and the wholesaler’s role of interpreting change. Later, we’ll figure out how to get all that new wood to Chicago.


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