Back behind the desk today after a wonderful week in Palmilla, near San José del Cabo, Mexico.. where clouds in the sky proved to be as scarce as trucks for Midwest lumber deliveries. Our almost two, and soon to be four-year-old daughters blossomed in the warm crystal waters – what memories – they even ‘encountered’ dolphins! In fact we were quickly reminded just how magical a time it was, when precisely upon touching down back in Vancouver, the clock seemingly struck the last note of midnight for our little angels. Yes, if you happened to be one of thousands in the Customs and Immigration line-up at the airport Saturday evening, that suddenly exhausted-looking couple attempting to mitigate simultaneous toddler meltdowns (while waving off security officers) was my wife and me. Perhaps it’s no coincidence I found myself at the Dakeryn office half an hour earlier than usual this morning..


Few would deny that gratitude is one of the finest attributes in humankind – and also the rarest. As Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving today, there is much to be thankful for.. unless you’re a turkey. Happy Thanksgiving, eh!

“Although nearly all Canadian holidays are the same as the American ones, Canadian Thanksgiving is held a month early since Canadians don’t have so much to be thankful for. The Canadian Fourth of July falls on the first of July, so that Canadians have a couple of extra days to get ready for the tourists. But whatever the season, American visitors are as welcome as the flowers in June.”
– Jack McIver, journalist and contributor to National Lampoon, writing in The Canadian, 29 Dec 1973

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