What is Hip

Everywhere these days wood is in. It’s sexy. It’s renewable. There was a time – it seems like not that long ago – when marketers were telling us that wood was on the way out. No more. Today, wood is the answer to that timeless question from my favorite band Tower of Power.

Even the digital age, consumer electronics, are making room “for the comfort, simplicity and beauty of wood.” Check out these wooden gadgets.

No more slumber in lumber. New construction is finding renewed benefits in building with wood. Buildings are higher, better, because of wood. Speaking at an industry event in Minneapolis last week, architect Brian Court of Seattle’s Miller Hull Partnership said “There’s this kind of awakening, sort of the rebirth of timber.” Hull was reportedly named Seattle’s “Young Architect of the Year” in June by the American Institute of Architects. He recently finished work on the Bullitt Center – a six-story office building in Seattle that used wood framing as part of a foundation challenge to design the greenest commercial building in the world. “It’s a huge movement right now, and there are lots of engineers and architects focused on it because of the virtues of timber framing from an environmental footprint perspective,” says Hull, in the full story here.”If you consider the forest, when you’re growing the trees, carbon is sequestered in the wood. Even after you mill it, deliver it to the site and install it, all the energy it took to create that material is virtually offset by the sequestered carbon inside it, whereas concrete and steel require massive amounts of energy to generate the final structural product – tenfold, if not more.”

It seems the world is discovering anew the benefits of working with a renewable resource, the advantages of dealing in products whose lifeblood is dependent on development in harmony with the environment. Finds a lumber trader feeling proud to be involved in the industry – again.


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