Timber in the City

Ongoing questions around affordability of housing are much in the news these days. Reports concerned with housing in Metro Vancouver are the subject of a series of articles here, here, and here in today’s Vancouver Sun. The many factors that determine housing affordability play out against a backdrop acknowledging the significance of B.C.’s resource-based economy, in which forestry of course is significant. A posting here at Daily Emerald this week reports design innovations by University of Oregon architecture students for a competition aimed at creating affordable, environmentally sound urban housing. Their 175-unit structure calls for the use of cross-laminated timber (CLT). As strong as concrete but only 1/6th the weight, CLT also promotes daylight, which is exactly what the students tried to harvest in their design for Metro Brooklyn, New York. Perhaps their award-winning design could find relevance in discussions involving other urban region housing – even Metro Vancouver?

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