Global Buyers Mission

The final tallies are in, for the 10th Annual Global Buyers Mission (GBM) wood-show held at Whistler last weekend: there were 800 attendees comprised of 240 pre-qualified buyers from 22 countries, 235 Canadian exhibitors, and an estimated $48-million in signed deals. Those impressive figures can be found in an excellent report here at The Question, a local Whistler newspaper. According to the report, three quarters of this year’s buyers came from Asian markets, all of whom were personally invited and pre-authorized to buy. “The growth of the GBM in the past 10 years is nothing short of phenomenal,” said Brian Hawrysh, CEO of BC Wood. “We’re particularly pleased to see buyers representing emerging markets like India, the Philippines and Malaysia.” A BC Global News video report on the GBM aired September 6th, and is available here.

China Import Data for August 2013 released by CIBC Equity Research

Lumber imports up 29.8% YOY
In August 2013 China imported 2.220,000 m3 of lumber at an average cost of $277 per m3. Lumber imports are up 29.8% compared to August 2012 when they were 1,710,000 m3. YTD lumber imports are 15.350 million m3 compared to 13.590 million m3 in the prior period.

Log imports up 28.4% YOY
In August 2013 China imported 4.070,000 m3 of logs at an average price of $203 per m3. Log imports are up 28.4% compared to August 2012 when they were 3,170,000 m3. YTD log imports are 29.020 million m3 compared to 25.290 million m3 in the prior period.

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