I guess it’s true that I was born to be a lumberman. Some have even asked if I was named after Paul Bunyan, which suggests an alignment more closely tied to a lumberjack. And as if anyone needed proof, now comes scientific confirmation that there’s a certain manliness tied to being a lumberjack. Time reports here that researchers at the University of California have discovered that chopping wood increases testosterone production by over 40%. In fact the results indicated a 46.8% increase in testosterone levels after cutting wood, “a full 17% higher than the testosterone bump caused by playing soccer.” Evidently testosterone not only increases your desire and ability (to chop trees), it also helps increase lean muscle mass and bone density, and can help ward off conditions like depression and osteoporosis.

Of course none of this discovery minimizes the pain I’ve endured with a badly sprained ankle as result of a soccer mishap last week – meaning a suddenly wide open field at the 26th Annual BCWLA Golf Tourney this afternoon – and bringing into serious doubt any aspirations for an eventual call-up to the MLS Vancouver Whitecaps.

“I got into the woods industry ‘cause I heard good things come in trees.”


An early mill visit to Stuart Lake Lumber, with brother Matt (left) and my dad Ernie

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