Stress Relief in Lumber?

We’ve never really given much thought to adding “stress-reduction therapist” to our role as lumber traders – until now! Back in June, we learned here that physicians around the world are increasingly recommending their patients spend time amongst trees. Now comes word that the mere presence of wood in the ‘built indoor environment’ offers a myriad of stress-related health benefits. This recent study at UBC concluded that, in addition to all the traditional advantages that wood offers, your well-being – general health – could well be enhanced by that wooden office paneling. The report adds that in architecture “evidence-based design is a growing field that seeks to promote health and optimize outcomes based on scientifically credible evidence. The UBC study establishes wood as a tool in the pursuit of evidence-based design and healthy building occupants.”


– B.C. is positioning itself to be a world leader in future wood applications. The announcement this week of two unique masters programs for the University of Northern B.C. (UNBC) at Prince George has drawn widespread support from Industry and educational interests. The two programs announced by the provincial government are a Master of Applied Science in Engineering and a Master of Engineering in Integrated Wood Design. The new UNBC-trained engineers are expected to be experts in the use of wood as a versatile, sustainable and cost-effective building material. Trademarked in 2007 as “Canada’s Green University”, UNBC will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2015. According to their website here, UNBC was voted #1 in Canada by students for environmental commitment in 2011, the year the University BioEnergy Plant opened. The plant uses local sawmill residue to reduce the use of fossil fuel for campus heating by 85%. Emissions from the plant are lower than natural gas, making it one of the cleanest bioenergy plants in North America. The masters programs will reside in the Wood Innovation and Design Centre now under construction in downtown Prince George.

– Chris Sainas, President of the B.C. Wholesale Lumber Association, reports only a few singles remain for this evening’s 7th Annual Night at the Nat. Local lumber wholesalers and their families will find some shade under the umbrellas while our Vancouver Canadians take on the team with the best name in baseball – the Hillsboro Hops. It’s the opener of a five-game series through August 4th. BCWLA Barbecue 6:00 pm. First pitch 7:05 pm. See you there!


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