A Legacy Totem Pole..

In what’s described as a symbol of “celebration” and “reconciliation”, a Legacy Totem Pole is set to rise on B.C.’s Haida Gwaii islands. Peter Landin, president of the Council of the Haida Nation, states:  “It’s not an era of conflict anymore.” According to this report in The Ottawa Citizen, the new totem pole pays homage to, among other things, the 1985 logging blockade that led to the Gwaii Haanas National Park. It’s the first time in 130 years that a monumental totem pole carved by aboriginal artists will rise on B.C.’s Haida coast. The 14-metre Legacy Pole, fashioned from the trunk of a 500-year old red cedar, was selected from a stand of trees on Graham Island and has been a full year in the making. “A team of carvers headed by Haida craftsman Jaalen Edenshaw has been working 12-hour days to ready what it’s hoped will become a cherished symbol of Haida history – ancient and modern – when put in place on August 15th at Lyell Islands Windy Basy.” Check out the stunning imagery in the following dramatic video, in which Jaalen tells the story.

Updated 8/19: The Legacy Totem Pole was raised in Windy Bay on Thursday, August 15th. Images available here.

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