Caught in a Trap?

Fur trading has historically developed in concert with sawmilling in many parts of North America. In recent times news regarding impact of economic activities associated with regional resource development in B.C. is heavily weighted around forestry, including fisheries, mining, but not so much concerned with fur trade – or so it seems.  An item in The Prince George Citizen that caught my eye here indicates trappers are still very much in search of elbow room in the woods these days. A lawsuit filed by a Prince George-based guide outfitter and trapper against the provincial government and a long list of sawmill operators and logging companies claims their activities have interfered with his ability to run his business. In his lawsuit, Harry Chingee argues the road building and logging by the companies “significantly reduced” the wildlife on the lands covered by his guiding certificate and two trapline registrations. In all, 22 sawmill operators, logging companies and individual loggers are named in the lawsuit.

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